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Don't listen to what they say.

Watch what they do.
I hide from people too, so I get it Bigfoot, I get it.
Today I leaned against a tennis ball on the wall to massage a knot out of my shoulder. As I cranked down on it, it hurt so bad I actually started laughing. A coworker asked, "You okay?" "Yeah, why?" "You're in a room laughing all by yourself." Oddly, just seeing the ball was enough to satisfy him I wasn't nuts.
I don't care what I accepted in the past, I'm not accepting that shit now.
Lieber schlecht im Bett, als gar nicht im Bett.

           .^ - .. - ^.
           (` ° `v´ ° ´)
       (`>»>`  ´<«<´)
        `(`>`        ´<´)´
           \´.          .`/
             ´"'`  '  ´'"`
You're never alone if you're friends with your demons. 

— Bridgett Devoue
I'm about to make 
 a large pot of
          strong coffee.

Don't wait long
       if you want any.
I can do the math

I can do the meth


I rather do the meh
"JederMensch begegnet einmal dem Menschen seines Lebens, aber nur wenige erkennen ihn rechtzeitig."

(G. Kaus)
(ICH/ Stille)
Weine, denn in deinem Herzen ist Schmerz, ist Stille, ist lautes leises Schreien. Mit der Zeit wird das Lachen wieder kommen!

(ICH/ L(i)eben)
now entering happy zone

That's some nice science ya got there. Be a shame if some ignorance happened to it....
My hobbies include drinking large amounts 
                                   of coffee

and making lists of things I'm unlikely to do.

is anyone else wondering if the extra Saturday on Feb 29th is an extra day of weekend or if we were short changed because 29th should just have been an extra, extra day and Saturday should just have been the 1st of March ~
Sleep is the death
                    of consciousness,

which is resurrected
                               upon waking.
From Frankfurt with Love
Hello, Jello, want some

             whipped cream?
My head is my home but I am not welcome there.
Always remember that facts still matter.
facts ignored 
at your own risk
      in the
do you know the moment when everything makes sense?
when you realize that all the shit is worth it?

neither do I

 Fuck off!
were off to see the wizard
If the light is off

It isn't on
Mosquito repellent.
sisters make the best of friends so charish them(you can forget about brothers though. JK charish them  to)
Don't be passive with me.
Lesson of the day:

If you think your intentional silence feels like a punishment to me, then unfortunately 
I have to disappoint you.