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I still endeavour; 
although quite reluctantly due to the abstract and daunting nature of the modern social coil which strips me of mind and soul in a seemingly relentless cycle, to forge ethereal connections with those who grace my path.
Terrorism often dominates media coverage, but in reality it makes up a tiny
proportion of total deaths worldwide. Aprox 48, 742 people die every day from a cardiovascular disease. 
Cancer; 26, 181. More women are killed every day by men than people are killed by terrorism. Yet, terrorism is all you will see.
i get paid to be nice at work...
not sure why my family and friends expect that shit for free
facebook needs a "who gives a rats ass?" button
None of us has enough mental capacity to consume all the 
information out there. 
The question is, what part are we processing and how did it get selected? And what part are we ignoring? The kind of information we are most likely to process is stories: information that sounds dramatic.

No amount of praise can overcome a lack of faith in yourself.
When you're in your own lane, there is no traffic.
The strangest conversations I've ever had are with people who have no free will.

              Fear distorts.
              Without facts
              your worldview 
              is harmful
              for the world.
we need an ice cream truck that serves jello shots and cold beer

           We are all wrong,
Be careful of the person who builds you up, because they also know how to tear you down.

there are two types of people - 

those who can and those who can't have multiple sarcasms
"Fear the day when a good heart gives up on you."

(N. Zebian)

Keep your candy closer than your friends
You legally have a family, you can legally have a partner and you can legally have children. However you never actually legally have any friends.....

I saw a Nutella and condensed milk dessert pizza with strawberries and cream, chocolate drizzle, liquor soaked currants on a crushed almond sticky biscuit and nougat base and it looked like food for thought - like have I even lived so far?

2020 is the year even a pet rock would drop dead
if August is the batta boom in progress, have to wonder what will September batta bing
55 years after the Watts Riots in Los Angeles, very little has changed.
One's company, two's a crowd

If you would rate your partner a 10/10, it simplifies into 1, thus you have found the 1 for you...

if you love coffee and you smell someone's scent mixed up with coffee and you don't stay in love with them, you never can

Every Tuesday in 2020 is a Tuesday with Morrie for someone somewhere
Drama can only come into your life when you open the door and invite it inside.
laughter is the best medicine.

...unless you have diarrhea
its very nature, 
human relations
always will
be vulnerable 
to conflict.

A young photo of you is an old photo of you...

all facts and no fiction makes for boring blah, blah, blah
there are no bad lessons, only bad students
Take me
 to the places
inside your mind
where you fear going alone....