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By the end of that song, do we ever find out who let those dogs out??
 Dear Diary,

  You and I are again in good company - you with your blank space,and I with my empty words.
    We complete each other.

    Always together,
    Parker Pen
When an overthinker tells you they love you... believe them! Because they have, most assuredly, thought of every possible reason 
not to.
If you're too lazy to form your own opinion and rather take over someone else's without questioning it, then you're likely to end up as collateral damage.
we've come pretty far as a society, but there's no progress quite like movie theaters that serve alcohol.

Mayonnaise is a handjob too
Wie nennt man es, wenn man tagsüber zum Arbeiten raus darf und um 21:00 wieder drin sein muss?


It's all balls

The Banach-Tarski paradox can piece together a ball and get two but only in an abstract, mathematical way

Physical balls cannot be so disassembled or counterintuitively arranged in such infinite sets of geometric rotations

Reality is however tied down to the limits of our perception. Thankfully, though, we have imagination, without which balls would just be balls ~

 I just miss my friend.

some times the only way to rescue your broken bits and hold it all together is to save anything that can be salvaged, let go of what is impossible to resurrect, leave knights to slay their own dragons and crucified saviors pinned to their own crosses to rise and return at their own time because your time is now, you are alive and it you who must live as best you can
None of us alone can be the bearer of absolute truths.

broken silence


together is a verb

  (Proper noun)


I'm sorry... I can't...

I have to bold today

there needs to be a training for skills that lets you hold your shit together while you let crap go

Strong people stand up for themselves, 
but stronger people
stand up for others.
Stay busy so you won't have time for feelings.
Stand up for your right to sit Down

The way people show up in life, is the way they show up in bed.

And vice versa.

Post lockdown dilemmas include: 

Should I do what I really missed doing when everything was closed, like swimming, or should 
I book a trip to the salon to shave off my moustache and unibrow?
 Be aware of my 

 Nevermind that!

 My surroundings 
 need to be aware of me!
i'm so negative

Embrace your inner cavewoman

Mother Earth needs 
a better PR.

 Ernie & Bert
People are the Worcestershire.

Next time someone asks how much you weigh-

Tell them one hundred and sexy
Moonshine is only a reflection of the Sun's light.

Both rise and shine apart but are always meant to be together.

When the phones was tied with a wire - humans were free.

 Paso Doble
I wish there was a way to get credit for being a friend who does not go to your birthday party but will provide care if you ever need it