What is Boldomatic?


We are a content-creation platform and community; determined to conquer the world of words in social media. Our universal app allows writers to create text-images that increase visibility on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. In addition, writers connect, interact, rate and categorize Ā«bold statementsĀ» which are shared within the Boldomatic network. On a weekly basis we feature missions in which our writers compete for fame, glory and sexy rewards.

Boldomatic features a curated catalogue of almost 1m quotes and statements for your daily dose of boldness. It's shameless, partially offensive yet strangely profound.
We take your privacy very serious. We don't force you to login with Facebook or spam your friends. Boldomatic is available for iOS, Android and Web. It's time to get bold!

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Behind the Scenes


The Founders

Steffen Schietinger @bold
Dan Krusi @dAn
Raphael Krastev @hebdifescht

The Team

Janine Yvette Sonderegger @janineyvette
Micha Aprile @DonSpaccafurnu
Valentin Degen @mentalitas
Yazmin Aguilera @yazmin
Dario Hofstetter @lumber