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Be curious,
not judgmental

Those who 
judge will never understand.
Those who understand will never judge.

A wise man once
said nothing
It's easy to judge.
It's more difficult to be understanding.
Understanding requires patience, compassion, and an open mind.
You must have the wilingness to read a person's whole story, 
not just the page they are writing today.
Weil du mich so lässt wie ich bin, kann ich auch alles für dich sein.
I am on my soap box tonight I guess.  I have had a road of struggles and have felt judged for most of my life.  I don't like judgmental people.  I don't like being judged and I don't like for others to be judged.  I will never understand how anyone feels like they can judge situations they have never been in.  
Sorry, just had to rant.

Don't think that because you're at the top of the mountain you are better than those still trying to climb up,
it may just mean you found and easier path.
"I'm not good with people."

          - Hunger
Ohne dich hätte ich mich nicht erkannt.
Manchmal will man nicht darüber reden.

Man möchte 
darüber trinken, 
darüber schreien, darüber weinen, darüber fahren. 

Aber nicht reden.

Never look down on someone unless you're helping them up.

"My destination is no     
longer a place, rather 
a new way of seeing."

verbalisierte Verachtung
If you can't make someone happy, at least make them a coffee.
a couple were getting ready for a halloween costume party, and the wife is taking FOREVER. finally she comes downstairs and she's naked with a rope tied around her neck. tied at the other end, about crotch level, is a lemon. hubby says what do u call that? she says its my costume n i think its clever. so hubby goes upstairs and when he returned he was also naked with a rope, and a potato tied on the other end. wife says u can't go out like that! he says:

hell i cant: if u can go as a sourpuss, i can go as a dictator!
Married sexting...

"Baby, I'm not wearing any underware."

"That's because you never put the fucking clothes in the dryer like I asked you to."
Das wars
oh shit, life might have an after party and you with those heels

How exactly did "Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub"
become a nursery rhyme?

Isn't it funny that on the weekend sometimes your beer bottle turns into a microphone?

Share happiness with those who can't....

all I know is, I'm not responsible for that Tangled web you weave ...
Ich habe einen Kürbis getragen.

Sometimes, being happy precedes becoming healthy 

There are days that go just right. 
I wonder what that's like?!

Less labels. More love.

don't settle for less just because it's available.....

Also wie bekommt man das Laub am besten weg?
don't put all of your eggs in one basket, unless you have one egg and then go for it
Kiss your spouse like it's the first time you did and the last time you will.

Every time.
A relationship is for two,
but some bitches don't know how to count.