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What a trip it would be if. . . .
I'm gonna buy me a dog;
a dog, a dog, a dog
'cause I need a friend now

If God is the DJ, then life is the dance floor; love is the rhythm, and you are the music.

At mom's!

A wonderful feelin!

Never let the wrong man waste your time and precious energy

Only in love does innocence beat 

You are not rich enough to buy back your past, but you are not so poor that you can't invest in your future.
So, you can put clothes ON backwards, but you can't really take them OFF backwards
she shot me down bang bang I hit the ground bang bang that awful sound bang bang my baby shot me down...

  s?e?x?  d?r?u?g?s? 

Just COFFEE for me please
he wore black and I wore white he would always win the fight Bang Bang...

-Nancy Sinatra-
I am guilty of loving the wrong people too much

Eye contact: 
how souls catch on fire.

    KUNG FOO   

I consumed your mind, now will go for heart


I discovered that I was only in love with my idea of who I wanted you to be
New research indicates that a person's voice and scent can be just as important as physical appearance in how attractive someone is to others.

Some things you just feel, like a breeze caressing your soul ..

this is one clusterfuck I don't want to get out of...
This is My After Life,

I'm back to tell Tales...
The sands of time are like sandpaper on the skin.
whatever you want to do we can do it together,
whether you want to take on the world or just watch television...
this morning the crescent moon was still up and right where the sun rise should start, better get to bed before I see the sun still up where the moon should be......
I wanted to make you unlonely

time stops when we kiss...

Your legs, your words, your breath, your chest, your hair, your eyes your
drunken good-byes, yes,
yes I love them all.
We can not eradicate the inevitable but there are many ways we can cope with it.

Hard lessons shouldn't harden your heart <3
I was just needing you, but our plans fell through

I'm not mad at myself for giving love to the wrong people

They probably needed it 
Economising on real is just not in my eye line.                              .......................

Not all rock walls 
can withstand
 70 mile per hour