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At least you had
the courage to try

if you are small,
at least the sky will fall down a little later  ~

sometimes it's not always about being the first, it is also not the least to be the last ~

At this moment you are as young as you will ever be, have survived everything that has ever happened to you and there is nothing to say you will not go on to achieve everything you aspire to. 

Enjoy every moment for what it is. No two moments are the same and even you change from moment to moment but you can choose who you are being and how you are responding. 

There are really as many you's as there are people to perceive, though none of them need define who you are in your heart of heart's - at least there is that.
I don't think of it as working for world peace

I think of it as trying to get along with a really big strange family

              Stop counting time!

 Start collecting good moments!
Sometimes when
       you least expect it,

    good things happen.
at least when you forget you can't remember that you have forgotten
You gotta try your luck at least once a day,
because you could be going around lucky 
all day and
            not even know it.

                    ~ Jimmy Dean
It's not about perfection - it's about connection.
Atleast be honest with yourself..!

at least we pass our own death anniversary every year without even knowing it
The people who know
                the least about you

aleays have
                        the most to say.
At the very least, tell someone you still love them.
You have to

                     at least try. least a had breakfast!
as long as a person does not accept himself, he will always have this fear of being misunderstood and misconstrued by his environment.

Though slowly but atleast I'm growing...
 At least I can
                     walk away,

 knowing that I tried.

At least when the aliens arrive we will already have had a lot of practice with the take me to your manager / leader of a thing with all the 2020 Karen's
At least we lived
a little while longer, 
even if we could 
smell death 
round every 
Whichever way you judge me has absolutely no impact on me, 

because i am completely stoned
    At least,

now I know.
If you got beef with me, it's completely one-sided, because I promise you I don't give a shit.
Hoping for the best,
         prepared for the worst,

and unsurprised by 
             anything in between.
You have to have fear
                           to take risks

and I want to at least try.
You can never win playing dirty. 
KARMA is real.
You reap what you sow.
What goes around comes around.
   If you can't make it good,

 at least make it look good.

in my dreams

            At least we tried.
If you can't be 

  at least be quiet.