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must the weekend always run like a bitch on a cat wheel being chased by a nasty feral?

appeteaser - those things that tease your appetite till you are so ravenous that you will eat anything the server brings because it is never what you ordered.

  ...ich kann so was
 von lexflibel sein...
Studies show young people are having less sex than previous generations. I knew I was ahead of my time.
Sometimes my spirit breaks under the weight  of their expectations.

                 So stapfe ich raus in die
              eiskalte, funkelnde Nacht,
        der Nebel hängt in unserem Tal
           und bringt alles zum glitzern,
             während der Halbmond mit
               einem bizarren Anschnitt
                  am Horizont erscheint
          und die Eule nach mir schreit,
          knistern die blutroten Blätter
  geheimnisvoll unter meinen Füßen...
Charakter erkennst du in Worten

There are times when my greatest accomplishment 
is just keeping 
my mouth shut.

+++Poppt der Baumeister?

Gelber Helm vor Bordell gefunden.+++

I think I may need professional help...

a chef, a butler, and a maid should do it.
We're  just  getting  started.

Erwachsen sein besteht eigentlich nur noch aus Müdigkeit und Rückenschmerzen.
Let's make this happen.
Boldomatic set sail six years ago to conquer the world of words in social media. It continues to be a hell of a ride with sunny days and headwinds we faced. No matter the destination, I'm grateful for the experience and the people who share it. The journey goes on.
My body is not a temple, it's more like a bar and grill.

Most know it won't be hard forever, 

that's life
Don't forget how the failure felt when you succeed.

The struggle it took to get to the point where it became easy.

The doubt that preceded the certainty.

A destination's more enjoyable when you remember what it took to get there.

There's a young writer who's quite galvanic,
She bolds with a flair - dramatic. 
So watch what you emit,
When you do give a shit,
Less processed n more organic.
what a beautiful disturbing idea..
This will be
              my last post
                            on Boldomatic.

Until the next one.
Yes, this is all so tiring. 
I can see that you think your energy is spent. 
But you're not done yet. 
Get back up.
life is a wicked playground,

enjoy it .

maybe i shouldn't have said anything. maybe saying something was the right thing to do. maybe it wasn't. maybe.
We are all talented in someway, shape or form. Whether you make the best poached egg and toast to the ultimate rocket fuel - you have something to offer. You DO count! Don't ever sell yourself short! Bring the talent to light and shine on, little star!
Sometimes what you find out is what you already know

if no one ever knew of its existence, then did it even exist? it just appeared and disappeared. no history. no one took notice of it. no one spared a single glance at it. no nothing, cause it didn't exist.
könnten sie bitte kurz stehen bleiben?
ich möchte anecken..
Started my pure fantasy diet today and have not been disappointed yet...
Great leaders are willing to sacrifice
the numbers to save
the people.

Poor leaders sacrifice
the people to save the
Doesn't time fly!? 

Only one or two times sex and it's already 
X-Mas again
            5 by 5 rule

If it's not gonna matter in 5 years
Don't spend more than
5 minutes being upset by it